Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring is here!

We have had a very busy Spring here at Sourdough and I apologize for the lag in blog updates.  Here are some of the important things I have missed!

We studied dinosaurs in March and the theme was a big hit with the children.  Nadine did a special line time in the upstairs classroom trying to help us understand just how huge dinosaurs were. We even took an all-school field trip to the Museum of the Rockies to learn from the experts.
Angie shows us the tools paleontologists use to recover dino bones.

The ladies in the room behind Angie were putting together real dinosaur skeletons.

The rod shows the size of a Long Neck's head in comparison with its neck.

Asher looks at dinosaur eggs.

The Triceratops skeleton had a baby beneath it that looked like it was breathing.

Megan helps some friends with their dinosaur craft.
Dinosaur leg bones are taller than us!
Some dinosaur eggs were the size of basketballs.
Nadine introduces our new classroom pets.

Ella & Hannah color their dinosaur finger puppets.
What a great day at the museum!

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