Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Trip to the Bozeman Beach

What a beautiful day to spend at the Bozeman Beach! The kids had a blast splashing around and digging in the sand.

A big 'thank you' to all of our chaperones!

Water Exploration

What a fun way for the kids to learn about water!  We experimented with ice cubes, water balloons, and of course, bubbles.

We made slime out of cornstarch and water.

A Visit from the Montana Raptor Conservation Center

We were so lucky to have a visit from these wonderful ladies with the Montana Raptor Conservation Center. Not only did we learn about different kinds of raptors, but we saw a few up close!

The Vulture

Owl eyes

An owl skull.

Field Trip to the Belgrade Splash Park

Escaping the summer heat at the Belgrade Splash Park.

All smiles.

Splashin' around!

Exhausted after a long day of fun.