Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Moving on Up

The friends at Sourdough have really started to push their limits and grow their minds with challenging lessons.  Every morning in the upstairs classroom the four & five year old kids get to have a special pow-wow meeting and select one challenging lesson they would like to work on.  They just glow with a sense of accomplishment!
Ronan draws a map of the United States.

Connor shows Tim how to carefully wash a baby.

Christine & Brooke work on the reading train.

Walter likes picking the colors for basting.

Beckett & Eli work on the alphabet quilt.

Ronan & Tate are big readers!

Sofia cleans up after her bread grating lesson.

Cole gets comfortable in the book corner.

Ronan teaches Catie how to polish a penny.

Tommy practices skip counting!

Beckett & Connor have a tea party.

Avery & Lucy work at the same table.

Soren built the big display, it counts from 1 to 9,000.

Word building is a fun way to make a book.
Jaden paints a picture of his happy family.

Connor is a big builder.

Quinn works on the touch & write lesson.

Turner & Kade count by ten to 1,000 with the thousand-bead- chain.

Greta counts with the one-hundred board.

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