Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ocean Theme (upstairs class)

As an end of the year tradition we let the kids select of monthly theme for May.  While there were many great ideas tossed around (Swiss Army Knives, Flip Flops, Taco Del Mar etc.), we all voted on studying the ocean.  Jim Klug, fisherman extraordinaire of Yellow Dog Fly Fishing, just returned from Cuba and came to Sourdough to share his knowledge. Both children & teachers were captivated by his presentation.

Jim brought in some huge shells and a horseshoe crab.

The kids recognized these star fish right away.
Ella examines the conk shell.

Turner takes a quick look inside the shell before passing it on to another friend.

This shark jaw was probably the class favorite. Even though Finn was very careful, he managed to get bit!
Finn walks the puffer fish around our circle.
This was a very big fish.

The friends took turns feeling the fishes scales.

Ryan & Connor wanted to look inside of its mouth.

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